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THC DISTILLATE OIL - What is it and how’s it made?

June 03, 2022 2 min read

THC DISTILLATE OIL - What is it and how’s it made?

What Is THC Distillate?

THC distillate is a highly refined form of cannabis-derived THC (tetrahydrocannabinol).  Cannabis plant matter is winterized, Decarboxylation is done, and the raw material is distilled by gently heating a variety of vacuum flasks, removing everything from plant lipids to terpenes. Resulting in a substance that seems to be a thick oil that ranges in hue from clear to amber. THC distillate is a particularly potent concentrate.

How to make THC Distillate Oil?

Essentially, cannabis distillates have been subjected to technical distillation using specialized equipment, and producers may readily tailor the process to extract only one cannabinoid because each vaporizes at a different temperature. The distillation method entails heating cannabis crude oil until it vaporizes, then capturing the vapors and the cannabinoids contained inside. The purity of the end product is among the most appealing aspects of distillation; the end result can be a translucent, sticky substance containing approximately 100 percent THC.

How to use THC Distillate Oil?

The use of THC distillate is not recommended for beginners. Most other concentrates can't match the product's strength, so you'll get a far stronger high with a lot less product. For this reason distillate is preferred over other cannabis concentrates. Distillate oil has a variety of applications, including vaping, smoking, eating, or as a topical.

With vaping distillates, one should expect its effects to be manifested almost immediately since vaping is one of the quickest methods to experience cannabis' effects. Distillate can also be smoked using dab rigs and personal vape pens, or dripped on flower.

Adding drops of THC distillate to flowers in a rolling paper or bowl intensifies the intoxicating high without altering the flavor or smell.

As an ideal alternative to smoking and vaping, you may opt for distillate infused edibles. With distillate edibles, the desired cannabinoids can be consumed without having to experience cannabis' plant-like taste. Distillates can also be ingested sublingually; by adding drops under the tongue.

Being so diversified, distillates can be infused in topicals or applied directly to the skin for absorption.

Distillates present an opportunity for marijuana product manufacturers to segregate and isolate various cannabis terpenes and cannabinoids for different uses. After which, they can be recombined into desired ratios.

For instance, the starting materials from freshly harvested hemp plants do not carry enough CBD that has naturally occurred to make tinctures. With distillates, a tincture with the correct THC-to-CBD ratio can be made.

Buddaflies also uses cannabis distillates to produce edibles and vape cartridges, both for the capability to portion the terpenes and cannabinoids into specific amounts and for the taste. Hence, distillates enable one to have maximum control over what they are making.


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DC Buddaflies

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